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Webtherapy is a unique, affordable, confidential online counseling service which provides an ongoing relationship with your own personal licensed psychotherapist.

Webtherapy allows you to communicate to your therapist as often as you like (daily, or more than once a day, if you wish), by leaving private messages on a secure, personal site. Up to five days a week, once each day, your therapist will provide helpful responses and therapeutic interventions.

Webtherapy provides you maximum security in an encrypted environment to ensure the absolute confidentiality of your interactions with your therapist. You can capture your thoughts and feelings on the spot, rather than waiting up to a week for your next therapy session in an office. And you can feel confident that no one--not even your family--needs to know about your webtherapy.

Online counseling is helpful for a wide variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship or family problems, grief/loss, and drug/alcohol dependence abuse.